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Endtimes EP is finally out!

Rest in Peace Edd Gould

2012-03-31 01:26:25 by Stickfigureguy

When I came home from vacation I was visited by a wicked surprise. I went on Newgrounds and found out the Edd Gould of Eddsworld had died from cancer. I knew he had cancer from a few weeks back but this was unexpected. The whole ordeal didn't hit me until later in the day I was kinda stunned. It took me a while to realize what had happened. When this happened it was sort of like a big slap in the face. During dinner I heard Sugar, Sugar on the radio and tried not to cry. You will be missed Edd, your body may have died but your soul will live on forever. Rest in Peace Edd...

New Music Uploaded!

2012-03-17 01:01:01 by Stickfigureguy

I've uploaded about five new songs to Newgrounds! Go check 'em out!

Nano City Uploaded!

2012-02-25 05:09:54 by Stickfigureguy

I just uploaded my first chiptune: Nano City! I am very proud of it and am excited to make more chiptunes in the future!
Check it out here- http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/473120

Flash is so very hard

2011-07-18 15:03:14 by Stickfigureguy

I cannot make good quality flash noo! Tis, impossible. I might make music, which Im good at, but don't have the right program or tools, for my music to be worthy of newgrounds, I might write and collab with an animator, or submit some art... Oh well...

I'm working on a flash, it is my first flash, an it will be awesome! SavageSinfare has allowed me to use his sweet audio for the flash and so far, the flash doesn't seem too bad. If anyone even reads this, go check out his page! http://savagesinfare.newgrounds.com/ The description is: Tactical Espionage Action Just Got Real...